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Asthma Risk Factors

Asthma doesnít usually comes from nothing. There are several factors that affect its appearance and your predisposition to asthma and other respiratory diseases. Letís talk about them. Once you determine what kind of risk factors may affect you, you will be easier to understand what to do to avoid asthma or improve its movement. Certainly you canít change such things like genetic predisposition and to change your residence with polluted air is often problematic but there are some other factors that anyone can control and therefore to control their asthma.

1) Gender Asthma. The scientists found that in young age and adulthood asthma are more prone to boys and men. Is not known exactly why it is so, maybe menís respiratory tract size is smaller than womenís. But the fact remains - the boys have asthma more often than girls, young men about 20-25 years old get sick more often than young women. Statistics changes only after the age of 40? When more women gets asthma.

2) Genetic predisposition. In two out of three cases asthma is hereditary. So you can say thanks to your parents. According to research people that have one of the parents suffering from asthma are 6 times more susceptible to the disease than others.

3) Asthma and Atopy. Atopy is an allergic hypersensitivity. It affects different parts of the body that even do not participate directly in contact with allergens.

4) Asthma and Allergies.

Very often, allergies and asthma exist nearby. Being inside the room, no matter how well cleaned it is, anyway the dust appears. The appearance of dust is directly related to the appearance of symptoms of asthma. Furthermore, there are other indoor strong allergens, e.g. the dogís or catís fur, cockroaches and mites, mold and so on. 5) Cigarette Smoke and Asthma.

Has long been known that smoking is directly related to the development of asthma. But at risk are not only current smokers. Even more dangerous and harmful cigarette smoke is for passive smokers, especially for children and adolescents. The risk of developing asthma in the future of such people is several times higher.

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