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Oral allergy syndrome or OAS typically occurs in people who are prone to asthma or hayfever. People understand that allergy began after they ate a piece of fruit, raw vegetables or some nuts. The main difference of this type of allergy to all the others is that the allergy occurs not by eaten product (e.g. milk or crustaceans) but by a specific type of pollen.

The main symptoms of this type of allergies are itching, swelling, redness, tingling in the mouth. Usually symptoms manifests itself moderately, but are developing quite rapidly, immediately after the first dose of the crude product. More serious displays of an allergy are similar to food poisoning: there is vomiting, diarrhea, labored breathing. But this rarely happens. The most serious and the most dangerous consequence of OAS is anaphylactic shock, but with proper and timely treatment such an outcome is virtually impossible.

After a long and detailed study of Oral allergy syndrome there have been isolated several types of that allergy depending upon the type of pollen which causes it:

- Grass pollen. Usually cause allergies when eating tomatoes, melons or oranges.

- Ragweed pollen. Causes allergic reactions when consumed bananas or zucchini.

- Birch pollen. Its appearance is usually provokes food intake of fruits such as plums, apricots and peaches.

- Alder pollen. Usually shows itself when you eat apples, cherries or celery.

The simplest solution to OAS is simply to remove from your diet foods that cause allergic reactions. This is especially relevant during the spring and fall time when pollen is active. If you know on what kind of fruit or vegetable you have allergies, but you can not to consume them in food try to buy a bit unripened products, this will help a little to reduce the body's response. Another option to reduce the response - not to eat raw vegetables and fruits. Try to cook them first, exposing the heat treatment or microwaves. In addition there are many other types of fruits and vegetables that do not cause allergic reactions. Eat more similar products that contain a lot of vitamins and minerals like pineapple, cabbage or grapes.

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