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OTCINHALERs is committed to sale of medication that do not need prescription and these medications will help you solve the problem of the seasonal allergies and other respiratory diseases. Allergies and asthma are the most bothering diseases at the present moment and if you do not have the proper relief at the needed time, the consequences can be really bad. The timely supply of asthma and allergy medications is what makes you invulnerable in relation to your disease and you will not need to look for unknown drugs that can bring you certain side effects. At the same time, we pay your attention to the inhalers that can be bought from our OTC pharmacy and you will see that you will have a chance to save a lot of money on the delivery of our high quality medication. Besides, we do not sell unapproved allergy and asthma drugs and all of them have been licensed by the FDA for the treatment of asthma and allergy symptoms.

There are a lot of asthma treatments but each patient needs to understand that the effectiveness of the treatment depends on the approved medications possible to relieve all the difficulties of breathing. The asthma attacks can be also caused by such factors as stress at work, allergies and anxiety.

When the infection is in the lower respiratory tract it is somewhat more difficult to detect. First of all the doctor will listen your breathing and lungs using a stethoscope. Afterwards you will be given treatment. If symptoms persist for a long time or infection does not respond to the medicaments then the doctor will suggest you undergo a series of tests. Most likely you will be asked to do chest x-ray and analysis of sputum from the lungs also will be done to identify the type of infection and to make more accurate selection of medicines. What can help if you have symptoms of lower respiratory tract infections

- Herbs and homeopathy

Antibiotics definitely should be selected by your doctor. But often available remedies can help in the fight against infection. Homeopathy helps the organism to cope with infection better, olive leaf extract is useful for respiratory tract infections as well as zinc containing products.

- Nasal Rinses, humidifiers, asthma inhalers

Rinse nose helps to flush out the infection. Sea salt is ideal in this case. Dissolve a little salt in warm water and rinse each nostril alternately. After that you should carefully blow your nose. Procedure should be repeated at least two times a day until the improvement of condition. Moisturizing nasal passage with an ordinary steam can be very effective. Visit the sauna, take a hot shower or just breathe over a hot chamomile decoction.

Among the most popular inhaler, you will be able to find hfa inhalers containing advair, albuterol, ventolin, proventil which can be used for fighting the symptoms rather effectively. In other words, these are rescue inhalers that can help you any time and in any situation.


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If you are looking for the ways to get free pills, you will have a chance to do it by making an order and with each of your order you will get free pills and you will see that your savings can be higher than ever.


Some official health organizations in the USA and UK are concerned on the use of the rescue inhalers and they ask the parent to provide the information on the preferences of using rescue inhaler for emergency cases in educational establishments. According to the research of the health care providers, it is estimated that there are at least two kids with asthma or seasonal allergies in every US or UK schools.

That is why the health care organizations would like to work out the regulations on the use of the inhalers in educational establishments of that the medical assistance in such cases could be more effective. In additional to the provided information, it is considered that it is about 64% of kids experiences the asthma attacks in schools and in some of these cases, there was no access to inhalers and the needed health assistance could not be provided.

That is why a lot of schools need to provide and have asthma rescue inhalers so that to help kids recover from the attacks that can bring a lot of harm. Besides, there were bad consequences of this consequence and it is the need to regulate the usage of inhalers in schools. The kids that suffer from asthma should not be left without a spare inhaler that can help save lives. At the same time, the discussion of this problem is discussed and there are a lot of opponents of using inhalers at school and not all the specialists have experience in using an asthma inhaler.

There was also an idea to provide every kid with the inhaler that can be stored in school but having a big number of inhalers in one place makes it difficult to find the right inhaler to help a sufferer. That is why it is not the solution and the specialists need to work out the rules on using asthma medications.

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